Article Writing

We need many good quality article writers to join our team. What does “good quality” mean? Firstly it does not mean that English has to be your first language. Many ESL writers have an excellent standard of written English, often better than native speakers. The standard we require, however, is high. Your spelling should be correct, either in American or British English, depending on the requirements of the contract. 

Syntax in article writing

Our article writers’ syntax should be clear and concise, and the meaning of sentences and paragraphs readily understood. Check your grammar and spelling using online tools, by all means, but do not rely on them. Spellcheck is not necessarily your friend. The thesaurus is your friend but use it advisedly. Please refrain from using words that have neither the exact meaning nor application nor that no one will understand.

Your contractors will expect you to be familiar with the subjects and topics for your article writing, thus you should either be an efficient researcher or only apply to write about what you know. You may know something about the topic, and perhaps think you can write what you know, but articles should be factual, not just opinion or common knowledge. Thus some research is the norm in good quality article writing. 

All writing must be 100% unique content. All your work will be checked for plagiarism, and if detected, the work will need to be amended. Only work that is 100% free of plagiarism will be paid. What precisely does this mean? Of course, you can do research, but either acknowledge your sources correctly or rewrite the content using your own words. This is how you prove to be a good quality article writer. 

If you need to research a topic to write about, you must be able to understand the content, then express those thoughts in your own words. After you have done this, check that all the above-mentioned requirements are fulfilled, i.e, spelling, syntax, grammar, clarity, and conciseness. 

Is content creation your next thing?

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